Orlando Children's Birthday Parties - Frequently Asked Questions

Throw a fun party with us! We will help to make your day wonderful and stress free.

How much does a party cost?

Prices and packages vary by location. In order to check the price at a location near you please look at the Pricing page and find your desired location.

What does the party package include?

Party packages vary by location. In order to check the options at a location near you please look at the Pricing page and find your desired location.

Is there a cost or charge for adults/parents to attend the party?

There is no charge for these guests, unless you choose to purchase food and/or drinks for them. We have adult party platter options available under Extras when booking your party.

I was not offered the time frame I needed. What can I do?

The party times are set schedules and cannot be altered. The time(s) you were offered is what we have available on that day. If you want an earlier time, you are more than welcome to come into the restaurant early and let the children play. However, your table and host/ess will only be prepared for you at the scheduled time of your reservation. If you need a later time, we recommend that you try a different location or date.

What if I want to stay longer than the hour and forty-five minutes?

You are more than welcome to stay in the restaurant after the scheduled party time is over. However, you will need to relocate the party to the general dining area in order to accommodate guests who have reserved the time frame after yours.

What happens if my guest count changes?

We cannot guarantee that we can increase your seating once a reservation has been made. Therefore, if you think more guests will attend, add seats if they are available. Additionally, we charge for the number of children booked. If not all the children attend, we would charge the original reserved amount minus four. (For example, if you reserved for 20 and only 12 show up, you would be charged for 16) Therefore, we recommend that you confirm your reservation online at least 24 hours prior to your party should you need to decrease or increase the number of children attending.

Will there be plenty of seating for all my adult guests?

Seats for parents and observers are limited and not guarenteed. We can only guarentee seats for children that are part of the birthday party.

Will my party be the only party in the birthday party area?

Currently up to five parties can be booked at the same time. Each party has a dedicated birthday party ranger to handle all your birthday party needs.

What kind of decorations do you have and/or can I bring my own?

We offer decorations that are McDonaldland Character themed featuring Ronald McDonald. You are more than welcome to bring in your own decorations if you would like something different. However, the price of the party cannot be altered.

Can I bring my own cake? Can I order an additional cake?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own cake. You can still have our Ronald McDonald vanilla sheet cake to have at the party or take home. It feeds approximately 20, if cut into small pieces. If you do not want the McDonald’s cake, you may exchange it for 20 credits at the Sand Lake Rd. location only. You are also able to order an additional cake under the Extras option when booking your party.

What is in the goodie bags?

McDonald’s goodie bags include a variety of toys and treats.

What is the special gift for the birthday child?

The special McDonald’s gift does vary by location and age.

How do I get invitations?

You can print paper invitations on our website.

May I bring in a pinata?

No, however we do offer pull string pinatas under Extras when booking your party. We offer a variety of pull string pinatas filled with candy.

Can I bring outside food or drinks?

Only cake is allowed. No other outside food or drink.

Will my credit card be charged? When do I pay?

Your credit card simply holds the reservation. We do not charge ($50) unless you do not show up on the day of the party or cancel the party. Your total is handled on the day of the party. We charge for the amount of children that you reserved. If not all the children attend, we would charge the original reserved amount minus four. (For example, if you reserved for 16 and only 8 show up, you would be charged for 12).  There is a minimum of 10 children per party. 

Where do I pay my cash deposit and when is it due?

As of November 24th, 2010, we no longer accept cash deposits.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 

How do I change the time and/or date of the party?

You will need to rebook the party for the time and date you require, if it is available. Parties may be rescheduled one time within two months of the initial party booking to avoid cancellation charges.

What happens if I'm celebrating two children's birthdays?

Each child celebrating a birthday will receive the tokens and special gift at no additional charge.

Can I have Ronald McDonald at my party?

Unfortunately, Ronald McDonald is not available for birthday parties. Please look for him at local school shows, library shows, community events and restaurant appearances.

I did not recieve a confirmation e-mail. What do I do?

Call us at 407-859-7123 Ext. 748 and we will resend you your confirmation e-mail. 

If you did not find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us at 407-859-7123 Ext. 748.